Volti does it again!

For anyone at the Florida Audio Expo I hope you took the time to check in on what Greg of Volti audio brought. A new model, right between the Razz and Rival. It’s called Lucera and it sounds sublime! Everything I love about my Razz but better in all ways. I am literally sitting in my hotel room trying to negotiate with my better half on how to order a pair. 
PS, everything I’ve read about visiting the “Three Amigos” at the show is correct. Volti, Border Patrol, and Triode labs make a heavenly combination. I can’t wait to go back and listen again tomorrow.

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Greg has some pretty epic roads all around him, I got to experience them first hand, I'm a bit envious. Here in NE Ohio one has to drive a bit to get to them. They are great especially in the southern part of the state. 

For those considering a visit to Greg's shop for an audition, do it! You will not be disappointed for several reasons. 

1. The experience of an extended listening session with these speaker gems.

2. Excellent Mexican food literally across the street.

3. The roads are indeed epic.

4. The bed in the shop is super comfortable. (I slept like a baby)

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Greg sounds like the kind of person I would enjoy doing business with.  Next time in Nashville I’m going to reach out for a demo. 


Sadly both volti,as well as Any Klipsch speakers use at best average parts quality 

out a 15 rating maybe 8, which is just being cheap for an extra $400

you can have far more premium parts ,I have rebuilt Xover for over 20 years 

and over 85% keep making  the same mistakes ,which is the ♥️ of all loudspeaker system and dictates it’s tonal balance as well as integrity.