Volume levels

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find that I have to boost the volume levels more when I play records softly than when I listen to digital softly. I find that at low levels, records do not equal the intensity that low levels on digital do even if they emit the same number of decibels. I find that I’m forced to listen to analog more loudly to achieve the same measure of SQ.

How about you?


I find the same thing. I run my digital end at 25ish and 35ish (preamp volume control) to achieve the same impact (unless it is a compressed album). I always assume this reflected the input voltage from the source… phono stage vs DAC.

Recently inserted AGD Audion MKIII monoblocs in my system and have found that lower and higher volume levels have become a non-issue since the GanFet conveys more information clearly enough that there is much less distortion in the sound path. In other words, my system is now what I would call truly "audiophile."

CDs have always been louder and brighter to me and I believe this is common knowledge 

this equals more detail at lower listening levels 

Typically, digital sources have higher output gain than that of a TT/phonostage. So when wired to a preamp, the TT’s lower gain means you need to turn the volume control higher than digital sources.

Not if you can balance levels. I can do it in my phono pre AND my main preamp. Start there before making observations or pundits.

Seven carts from .26 to 4.5 mV all match my DAC’s output.

The dynamic range on vinyl is definitely better than streaming services. Of course McGowan ignores that while trying to sell a "streaming only" network player.

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