Volume Pot Upgraqde

I recently picked up a Sophia Electric Baby Tube Amp and would like to do some upgrades. The volume pot is is a 50K log pot.

Can anyone recommend a good replacement piece? Google isn't quite finding me anything...

It's a pretty tight fit, so any parts would need to be small enough to fit in the chassis.
I've got a 50k Ohm stereo Noble(AP25), that I'm not using. Can a 1 1/8" H X 1 1/8" W X 1 1/4" D pot fit your application? FREE, to a good home.
So, I think I have a solution.

I am going to fabricate a sub chassis that will accommodate a stepped attenuater.

The "sub frame" will also allow me to add a selector switch and more inputs as well since the baby only has a single stereo pair input.

I am also upgrading the coupling capacitors to Mundorf Silver/Gold Oil caps.

I will post up some pics when it is finished (can we even do that here? I'm new)
Should you use 'break before make' switches in a selector application?
How about a nice bank of relays and 'soft touch' momentary contact switches?
How about an external switch box like the Goldpoint SW4 ($352) so you don't have to drill into the preamp.

Wish that I had these kind of options when I did a project like this years ago.