Von Scheikert VR4jr in a small room .

I just heard these speakers and really liked them . I compared them to Usher 6311 and the VS. came out way ahead . I also auditioned the VS. VR2's . They were good but did not seem to have the same presence and body of the jr.'s . Probably due to the decreased base .
My problem is that my listening room is only 10ft. X 11ft. I have things set-up on a diagonal so as not to suffer the anomolies of a small square room .
Has anyone tried the JR.'s in a room of this size and done well with them ?
Any suggestions ?
Thank you .
Ethifi - that 10 foot wall is really going to be a limiting factor in that room.

Even if it was a 50 x 10 ft room, you'd still have the 10' wall messing things up.

You will either have the speakers too close together on the 10 foot wall, or if you tried putting them on the 19' foot wall, they would have to be 5' out in the room to soundstage right, and then it would be an extreme nearfield.

So unfortunately in the context of audio, it is a small room. I'd stick with small stand-mounts.
Hi Goatwuss

If I use monitor speakers on stands, it would be kids-unfriendly, i.e. my kids might knock them down some day.
I measured my room again - it's actually 11' x 20'. Actually I am keen to get either the VR4jr or Hyperion 938 or other floor stand speakers.
Saki70, yes I've tried them (VR2s), I've owned a pair for a few years now. I have tried many speakers in a small 12x10 room, in my experience your just better off with a pair of monitors with those dimensions. Consider yourself lucky, for what you would pay for a full range floor stander you can get one fantastic 2 way monitor.

The VR2s, in my opinion, get a lot of what the 4jrs offer. One of those things is bass extension, you must not have heard them in an optimum set up to say they have no bass.
Dlwask ; I did not mean that the VR2's did not have any base . Just that they did not have the body of the jr.'s , which I attributed to having 'less' base . I heard them both on the same set-up .
I agree about monitors being better for situation and have headed down that road .
Thank you all for the great help .