Von Schweikert DB 99-ribbon add on tweeter

Has anyone heard them? don't think i'll buying them since they come without grills.
I checked all around the board and do not know how to post a picture. If you are interested in a picture, just email me and I would be happy to send you one!

I put the ribbon tweeter pics here (at avsforum)


Everyone thank Saxman2

I agree it is great to see other DB99 owners here. I have had mine for over a month now and am amazed at how good they are. Break-in was a bear, but now they have settled. I agree the super tweeter is a big difference. The example of a piano above is very accurate. My speakers are 3' from the back and 5' from the side in a 17' by 18' room (one side open) and toed in about 20 degrees.

Also, is anyone using the rear firing tweeter. I find that it extends the soundstage depth, but reduces image focus quite a bit. Is this a break-in thing?