Von schweikert out of business since Albert's passing?

I have tried and tried to contact Von schweikert via email and phone. I call numbers listed in my manual and they are no longer in service. I have left messages on other numbers that ring. Funny thing is years ago when I emailed Von schweikert he himself answered my questions and made an amp suggestion for me. Has anybody had recent contact with them or know the status or the magical phone number that gets answered?


1--Albert Von Schweikert sold the company to Leif Swanson a few years ago, prior to his passing, Leif is a sharp guy. and i think Albert’s son Damon might still share in ownership.

2--many manufacturers do not answer phone calls these days. that is why they have dealers. to deal with customers who want to talk to someone.

3--or email them and allow them a few days to answer. or contact a Von Schweikert dealer near you. that’s who should answer the phone. i realize common sense is just not that common.....but....come on now. :-)


@emailists Only if you post on your phone. You can still send messages on a computer without downloading anything.

Yes, can confirm VSA is most certainly not out of business. 

I am currently considering their Endeavor SE model, and called VSA not two weeks ago to get some dealer information. I left a message with one of their engineers who answered the phone and none other than Damon Von Schweikert called me back to answer my silly questions personally. 

He was amazingly generous with his time - spent nearly 20 minutes on the phone with me! It was one of the most pleasant interactions I've had with any company - ever. To have someone like him call me back personally apply absolutely ZERO sales pressure - and even offered to host me at the HQ for an audition... it was just so nice and something I don't see much of these days.

Haven't had a chance to give the speakers a listen yet, but with service like that, I won't be crossing VSA off my list any time soon.

Uhg, I sometimes wish I never sold my Clearfield Continentals, which were one of Albert's early lines when he worked under Counterpoint before starting his own company.