Von Schweikert Research VR-3... still any good?

As far as I can remember from reading, In the mid 90’s, the Von Schweikert Research VR-3 were one of more exciting speakers on the market (on an affordable price) with praises for excellent bass deliver, amazing tridimensionality, natural mids and sweet treble.

But after almost 35 years I wonder if they are still good? Unfortunately I cannot listen to the pair that is on sale (in excellent condition) because it is a 5 hours drive.

Can anyone help me with some information please?

Are they suited to tube amplifiers?

What are the drivers? Is it easily serviceable?.

Thanks in advance


I had a pair - they were great, but ugly.  I don't recall the drivers for sure, but they have a 10" woofer, transmission line, 5" kevlar cone mid (I think), and silk dome tweeters - 1 front firing, and 1 rear firing. Not sure how easy they are to service, but likely not bad - after you remove the sock. I had to replace the socks on mine - I fabricated the replacement which was easy.

At the used price of ~$600+/-, they're a great deal, but at the size - they are cumbersome. As I said - they are ugly. I was considering trashing the sock and adding veneer to the cabinets (solid MDF). I spoke with Albert V.S. about it and he said be sure to send pictures in. I ended up selling them instead as I bought VR4 version 3's, so I sold them.  

I am sure a call or email to Von Schweikert could answer some of you technical questions. 

As I understand it, they are pretty responsive.