Von Schweikert Vr 4sr Tubes a good match?

looking for some feedback from people who have heard or have used tubes
with V.S
Thanks Mike
Yo Moe - I was going to recommend you check with Tvad who I know ran those speakers with tubes. I checked, and found out A'gon clipped his wings for the time being. Hope he'll be back soon. I shot him an email and his brief response to the thread question:

Oh...VS and tubes...I'd recommend VAC (maybe the Music Blocks or a VAC Phi), or the Moscode 401HR is also a great match.

Hope that helps.

Yes, VS speakers work very well with the right tube amps. One of the best systems I've ever heard had VR-7 HSE speakers with mono BAT VK-150SE mono amps. A number of local audiophile friends use BAT VK-75SE amps with VS VR-4 SR and/or VR-5 HSE speakers. Before the BATs I know they had Cary amps. I have personally used Quicksilver V4 amps with VS-4 jr speakers for a while which seemed to be an OK match - I kept the amps and sold the speakers - feel free to read into that what you want :-) As with most things in life, the higher quality of amp you can afford the better. For instance, I've heard VS speakers sound nasty with some cheap Chinese tube amps being used.
I used mine with a Pass labs Amp.
The Amp gets pretty hot, so I think these speakers require power.