Von Schweikert VR-6: Fair Price Advice

Listed on Ebay 2nd time this week for $15,000.00 (more than 1998 retail). They are 14-15 years old. I offered $5,000.00 & local pick-up. Following posts on Audio Asylum/Speaker Asylum, $5,000 may be on the high since many of the speakers used make up the VR-6 are long out of production.

These are dealer demos and supposedly come with factory warranty.
If the parts are long out of production they can not have a factory warranty in my opinion. I still have many units from my dealer days but would not think they had a factory warranty just because they had not been sold. The short answer is that they are worth what someone is willing to pay.
Call Albert Von Schweikert with the serial number and ask him if they are under warranty. I vouchsafe they are probably not, and if you check his website you'll see that he advises against buying his speakers from anyone online (esp Ebay) who claims they offer a warranty because they are not covered that way. Plus, they may be counterfeit.