Von Schweikert VR-8

your listening observations of the Von Schweikert VR-8 speakers please. Looking for around $7k used to replace Dunlavy V's must move same amount of air in the Bass as the Dunlavy can or more in a 20x23x9 room. The V plays 110dbc no problem without strain. The V is excellent speaker looking for something better? Music preference is varying from jazz to Metallica. Using VTL signature 450 amplifiers currently,Audio Aero Capitol player, harmonic technology magic, Nordost SPM reference biwire
The current VR 7 is far better in my opinion having owned both
You need a huge room to be able to dial in the VR8's
The VR 6 was a similar design to the 8's and the 6's were just delicious
If you could find a used pair of 6's they go for around 5K
Call Albert Von Schwekert he gets trade in pairs
Hi, I think you should check out the Avantgarde speakers. They blow away the Vs. The Duos would be right around your price range.
Speakers are totaly subjective and using the term"blow away" is totaly useless.Your ears should be the judge,as there are many speakers in that price range tha could meet your requirements.All VSA speakers deserve an audition as do the other brand mentioned.