Von Schweikert VR2 vs. VR4 Gen III

Has anyone used both the Von Schweikert VR2 and VR4 Gen III's? I was thinking about buying the 4's, but the rep over at Von Schweikert suggested the 2s instead. Tried to get him to give me a clear aswer why, but I realized he never really did. How would you compare the two? Can you see a reason someone might want to go with the 2s instead?

Joy Elyse
The VR4s will give you a bigger sound,more depth,and larger soundstage,plus you can always get them upgraded to the SE for a fee and that will bring you right up to date.The VR2s are very good and have the soft dome tweeter which may be a plus for certain types of music.Either way you end up with very good speakers.
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The detail I forgot to mention is that my call was originally to find a dealer in my area. There is no one in New England that sells Von Schweikert. (I live in Boston.) Hence, my having to make a decision sight unseen. (Or unheard, which is the actual problem.)

We ended up on the phone for 1 1/2 hours. His total recommendation included vr2 speakers, LCR15 center channel, 2 VRS/1 subs, and vr1s on stands for rears. Do you think the subs would make up for the VR2s not going as low? Supposedly the VRS/1 is a very musical sub.

We have a 15 x 20 ish room, with 9 ft ceilings. Lot of hardwood (ceiling and floors). Electronics are Outlaw Audio 950, ICMB, and 200 Series Monoblocks (7 pf 'em); Denon 5900 w/ Bel Canto DAC2 for redbook.

We had been looking at the Martin Logans, which I like, but I've heard these compare favorably and they would probably be more cat/dog/kid proof.