Von Schweikert VR4JR and SET Amp

Does anyone have any epxerience running these VSAs with SET amps? If so, what can you share? Thanx.
I really don't own either but at 89db sensitivity and 8ohm max and 4 ohm min, I doubt a low powered SET amp would be enough.
Hi, there are higher powered SET amps out there, Art Audio makes real nice ones, also there are SET amps that run 2 or 3 or ? tubes paralleled per channel. I just sold a Golden Tube SE40SE SET amp , 40W/ch, 3- 6L6 tubes per channel, parelleled. I don't know your price range but ther are a lot of others in between the 2 examples i mentioned, as far as cost goes
Unless you bi-amp. Using the SET amp for the midrange and highs and another SS amp for the bass