Vote for best US made solid state amp

Let's vote for best solid state amp ,made in US The choices are Spectral,Krell,Jeff Rowland,Pass......
I do not think that it is possible to say there is 'a best solid state amp' anymore than a best 'car'. People are different - their likes and dislikes, priorities and perceptions all vary. That said, getting to the question at hand, I have recently listened to: Pass Labs X350, Plinius SA 100, Bryston 4B ST, Mark Levinson 334 & 335, Ayre V3. Some were better in certain areas than others, all had strenghts and weaknesses. Of the bunch, I liked the Mark Levinsons the best overall - I bought one. This is my simply my opinion, I am sure that others who might audition the same bunch would come to a different conclusion. This is a good thing because if not, there would only be one manufacturer making only one amp - 'The Best Solid State Amp'.
I certainly wouldn't proclaim any amp as "the best" (you know, different strokes for different folks) but I'll tell you one thing,Jeff Rowland Design Group amplifiers are certainly CONTENDERS for the best built, best sounding amplifiers in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter.