Vote for the best speakers in 10K range

I didn't have chance to hear many of speakers in that price range. I am curious what is the opinion of the audiophile world.
Snooks - as one who has heard the speakers Rayhall writes about (the Sound Labs) let me say they are indeed magical. The Millennium-2's are in the ten grand ballpark, and will spoil you for the likes of the Prodigy's and Quad 989's (heard 'em both), as well as anything with a box (sorry Rayhall, that includes the Vandy 5's - though the Sound Labs are voiced kind of like the Vandys). In my experience Sound Lab owners no longer have any interest in shopping for speakers, and with good reason. Alas, still saving up my nickels...
I've been posting on couple of threads here recommending Coincident technology speakers. I believe that Coincident Super Eclipse is THE best sounding speaker up to 10K. Period! Martin Logan Prodigy distant second, not for sound but for demanding nature, placement, kilowatts..etc! Vandersteen is highly overrated speakers, and they would be probably the best 20-30 years ago.
lots of different ideas here but in that price range I would have to go with Magnepan MG20's I don't own a pair or even a pair of planar speakers but they do somethings so well it's worth the compromise, but I have been wrong before.
Can you say, Apogee Mini Grands?And yes i have had many of the speakers mentioned above, as well as other highly regarded speakers!