Vote for Your Top OP'er One Only Please !

Okay everyone knows MC will take top honors.

But after that are there some who may deserve

a close 2nd?






Not to take anything away form the many fine OPs herein, but AL was special.


I nominate you(opus88) for your knowledge of classical music. I enjoy classical music as much as any genre of music, considering I grew up with Journey/REO/Styx/Van Halen and Foreigner!!! Your posts(only 530?) are always intelligent/insightful and concise.

Another vote here for almarg. Was always kind, respectful and knowledgeable 


Among current participants my vote goes to Nonoise.  He's always willing to fight the good fight against the forces of chaos.

Tubebuffer for sure....   that guy kills me....  I laugh out loud at every post