Vote Your Ranking -If you have an opinion on this digital subject

There have been many statements made about this question here and on other forums stating differing opinions as which SQ is better :


1.-Red book CD

2.-Streamed High resolution files- i.e. Tidal/Qobuz

3.-Downloaded files purchased in Super Hi Res-Acoustic Sounds

4.-Red Book CDs ripped and stored for playback as files


Everyone may have an opinion on their preference

but is there any actual evidence of this? I suppose the only

way to produce evidence would be via blind testing and

survey results.


So please list in your preferred order the numbers

1,2,3,4  with the 1st being the best/ 4 the worst SQ 


Audiophiles may have an idea of their preference

but is there any actual evidence? I suppose the only

way to produce evidence would be via blind testing and

survey results. 


Does anyone have some hard facts as it relates to this query? 


Thank You.



SACDs and high resolution flac files (24 bit) downloaded from various internet portals are roughly equal to my ears, with some exceptions. 

Probably, that kind of blind test would be only relevant if done on same level of class and same brand of source equipment however, my opinion, first place should be with High Res downloaded file.

3 - 100% I enjoy listening to my HD tracks and can hear a difference in micro detail and depth and space over my stored WAV/AIFF versions

4 - My stored WAV and AIFF CD's sound fantastic and I prefer this over Tidal

2 - Streaming Tidal HiFi is very good, but I do this the least often at home with my main system, otherwise love it in my car.

1 - Don't have a CD player... N/A

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1) DSD/SACD discs

2) 192 or 96kHz/24 Bit files and DVD-Audio/BluRay Discs

3)Red Book CD that’s been properly remastered/re-issued (e.g. 1994 Bob Ludwig Rolling Stones Collector’s Edition Atlantic Remasters/Re-Issues)

4) AmazonHD and Neil Young Archives Extreme Platform streaming