VPI Classic - Now you have one......

For all who have had the Classic for a while now...what's it like to live with and is it what you expected it to be or more/ less?
For those with the "popping" problem: why not simply turn the volume all the way down when you turn the Classic off? I do it anyway, just in case, even though I have not experienced any popping with my current set-up. It seems like a prudent thing to do.
So my Classic finally arrived and oh, my! My dealer set it up and mounted the Lyra Delos. I brought it home yesterday and right out of the box the combo sounds heavenly. Transparency and detail is amazing; I think the soundstage should get better as the cart breaks in. No pooping issues as mentioned in some posts above. Also, the woofer pumping is all but gone, which I experienced with my previous setup. The worst album in my collection is Black Sabbath "Paranoid," which caused a tremendous woofer pumping before, even before the music started. It's still present with the Classic, but much less so. I think it must be the record with a lot of subsonic frequencies embedded in the vinyl during the manufacturing process. Every other record shows no sign of rumble.

My only question so far is about the feet: I noticed that one was visibly raising the table as I was turning it as I could see the thread of the leg screw extending. However, another leg just seems to turn and no screw is visible but still appears to be raising the table. Anyone with a similar experience?
I picked mine up about a week ago, and I can see the leg screws at all four coners. The table sits perfectly level. I do have the motor pop issue, but its not a big deal. The SDS will eliminate that problem.
Call Harry at VPI and he'll tell you how to replace a capacitor inside the long metal plate under the table on the side opposite the tonearm. There's no soldering. You just go to radio shack and get the correct one, take that plate off, remove the wrong one, and replace the correct one. No more pop--dead quiet. A $2.00 fix in 10 minutes. The slight hum as you get over the platter with the cartridge seems to have no answer, however. I had a Classic and I did just this with no electrical ability.