VPI Classic vs Avid Volvere SP


I've been pretty happy with my VPI for a year or two but my dealer has a demo model of the Avid deck with RB301 arm at a decent price and my curiosity has been aroused.

Has anyone heard both these decks?
How do they compare?

Thanks in advance.
Adding to what Elizabeth has said, the volvere is a different sounding TT compared to vpi. The volvere is a UK product and holds the traditional uk sound of great prat, more transparent, more 3d and more incisive. Do you want to go into that direction ?
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Yes, the arm does sound like a weak link, if a Volvere comes up with a decent SME arm for example, it would be more worthy of consideration.

Thanks for the help guys.
I cannot comment on the VPI, but I just moved to a Volvere from a Wilson-Benesch Circle and could not be more pleased. I am using the same arm/cart combo from the Circle (ACT 0.5 and Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood) so only the 'table has changed. The difference is remarkable--I really needed a suspended table in my room, which the Volvere delivers beautifully. The table is a lot quieter vis a vis surface noise and imaging is tighter. Classic lifting of the veil effect too.