vpi classic works with music hall cruise control

to Set The Record straight:

Music Hall cruise Control 2.0 DOES WORK With The Classic. While Not Exactly Identical In What It Does, It Is $1000 Less Costly For A Speed Adjustment Unit.

Email Requests To Vpi Resulted In Short, Terse "It Won't Work"

Not That Their Biased....
Another less costly option to the VPI SDS is the Heed Orbit II. I haven't tried it, but the concept seems the same as the SDS.
I wouldn't do it, but that's me. Also, because VPI knows their products and I trust their knowledge. But at the worst, you'll take out the motor and Music Hall unit. The VPI motor is about $150.00 plus any capacitors/resistors (I forgot what the circuit looked like) that you make take out sooo, on the VPI side of things it might cost you $200.00, if it goes south. If you're happy with it, run it till it drops.

Very unlikely that anything will go wrong with either the motor or the Cruise Control which IIRC is rated for a 3 watt motor at 120V. Since the 300 RPM Hurst motor is 3 watt motor, you should be good to go. BTW, a replacement Hurst motor is around $70 (which includes the phase shift capacitor).
And the speed control will do little since the motor speed on the VPI is pretty much OK without the control. The SDS is all about voltage management. That's what makes the big difference.
Just to get this into the forum search engine...the Music Hall Cruise Control 2.0 DOES work with Thorens vintage turntables with AC synchronous motors and NO wallwart. So, yes for Thorens TD-160, 165, 150, 160 Super and 166, as long as they do NOT have existing wallwart. Also, no good for 145, 146, 147 due to the nature of the auto-shut off.