VPI felt mat vs aftermarket

I’ve been contemplating getting a mat for my VPI Classic. Mainly to avoid slippage when used without center weight and to avoid static in winter.

VPI now offers a very basic felt mat with their logo. It is cheap and looks nice. Has anyone had experience with that mat on their VPI classic platter? Another option I’m considering is going straight to Auditorium 23 Turntable Mat. 


Thanks everyone for your feedback, I'm going to try VPI felt mat to start. Worst case, I'll use it as a dust cover :)

@tablejockey , I tried using VPIs stainless steel screw down clamp with rubber gasket, but I don't find it performing any better than HRX weight with warped records.

Most of my warped records are warped around the outer perimeter, and clamp does nothing to flatten the outer edge. For other records, HRX is just as good in keeping center section flat to the platter, without the extra effort. However, I'm also not ready to pay $1k for a perimeter ring, and for 45rpm it's not worth the effort.

If any reflex clamp or weight system is going to be implemented, it’s also worth noting that a proper VPI platter should allow the groove surface of a record to make intimate contact with the platter surface.

This is accomplished by machining a proper “relief” for the record label at the inner platter area adjacent to the spindle as well as at the outer platter perimeter for a record’s potential “edge guard”.

A felt mat would be beneficial in cases where the platter surface is incorrect.

What do you mean by a proper VPI platter?

My VPI has the standard Classic platter with the indent for the record label area around the spindle. Only indent is much deeper than thickness of a typical paper label, but more shallow than the rubber ring VPI supplies for their clamp. So I'm not exactly sure what it supposed to accomplish.

You’re sporting a proper platter.

Yes, with a reflex clamp the washer (rubber) is meant to raise the record just slightly above the platter surface. The threaded reflex clamp forces the record over the washer due to the sculpted profile of its underside. As it is tightened, it forces the outer perimeter of a record to contact the platter surface. This contact patch moves closer to the lead-out groove & label area as the clamp is tightened.