VPI HR-X, Super Scoutmaster and Acrylic Platters

I would like to know peoples opinion about the HR-X vs Super Scoutmaster turntables from VPI. I have seen several HR-X tables for sale on Audiogon, but few Super Scoutmasters (that I can remember). Absolute sound sort of said, the best I can remember, both of these are end all turntables. I heard an HR-X that had some issues through a BAT top system and was not too impressed. Both of these tables have acrylic platters. I remember when I had an all acrylic platter on an older well tempered, the sound wasnt so hot. They ended up adding lead to improve the bass. So far, I have not found a shop that has a Super Scoutmaster in my area to audition. I currently have a 1st version TNT with V series moter, SDS, V series bearing, original platter, original spring towers with the huge height adjustment knobs and a Graham 1.5T. The table sounds great, but of course, being an audiophile, wondering about upgrading the platter and suspension towers. I figure this is about a 2K upgrade with the ring clamp, platter and towers. Lots of bucks for an unkown combination. Was going to bite the bullet but I have seen what I think, is an unusual amount of HR-X tables on the used market (for its high price). I was also thinking about selling my VPI and getting the Super Scoutmaster based on the reviews but at $5k and no audition, I am not sure I am brave enough to take a loss if I dont like it. Also, used HR-x, even new, seem to be going for around $7k which is in a close ballpark. Anyone heard both and can give me an opinon? Or comment on all the HR-X (at least it seems like it) tables up on Audiogon compared to Super Scoutmaster?
Hello; I have had my Super Scoutmaster up and running for about six weeks. I am most impressed with it. It is superbly crafted and is absolutely quite!!
>absolutely quite!!<

Absolutely quite what?

quite nice?
quite excellent?
quite beautiful?

The world is wondering....


Yeah, I knew that. Just poking fun at a "quite" common misspelling of the word. Almost as bad as substituting "base" for "bass". Or "then" for "than".