VPI Industries reveals Shinola x VPI table.

Thanks DTC. I knew the story behind the saying, but not the reason Shinola chose their company name.

Sometimes audiophiles have trouble telling the difference between the two as well.

Obviously, the best of luck to all in this turntable venture, and may they always know the difference.
"You don’t know s--- from Shinola, that’s why your shoes don’t shine"

Nice story dtc, but I have some problem believing that was used in any form to promote the original company's polish.  I always just associated the first part of the expression as a "street language" put-down, without including any reference to shoes.

pryso - The company did not use that phrase, but people did. The original form, as I understand it, often included the reference to shoes, put got shortened over time. It was definitely a put-down, not a marketing campaign.
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