I need a motor pulley for a 300 RPM VPI motor............Does anyone know a dealer that can help with this ??
Marc:    If it matters, I could make one before I could find anyone to sell me one....Do you have any idea how simple it would have been for me to call you and order one.....It could have been done in less than five minutes....One more happy customer....Keep up the good customer relations......Thanks for taking the time for the e-mail.......autospec
Harry was always fun to deal with, He is why VPI is what it is, the kids couldn't pull that success by themselves..... If WNTRMUTE2 doesn't believe me about the lathe and the brass rod, send me your e-mail address and I'll send you some pictures and while I am at it I'll send some pictures of my more than (15) VPI turntables.......So I have invested plenty in VPI.........
autospec -  Sorry, but if you did some of the basic things one normally does to get support these days, you would have been able to get your pulley. If you simply sent an email to the support email address they probably would have helped you find one. Marc from VPI reached out to you directly and you basically blew him off. I get it - you do not like the current VPI support model. But that does not mean you cannot get a part if you try. You did not want to try. That was your choice.

I also wonder why you needed the pulley. Did your break one? Or buy a motor second hand and not get the pulley? Or did you figure out who makes the motor (not hard to do) and buy it from someone other than VPI?

Sorry, but the negativity is tiring.
Harry's son is in charge of VPI.....his name is Matt, and seems to built from the same material as Harry....nice guy.
You would have to be nuts to pay what BOB's charges for VPI parts.....This is the way the whole VPI parts system is totally out to lunch.........Tone are base (1000.00) are you crazy ??   autospec