VPI Prime Sig/Lyra Delos / Feedback ...help!

Hello all, strange one here...just picked up a VPI Prime Signature Rosewood and a Lyra Delos with about 20-40 hours on it...sounded great at low volume with my sacred Steely Dan - Aja Cisco pressing . Later that night at higher volumes I'm getting a midrange-low feedback . 

Here's my rig : 

VPI Prime Sig with Unipvot / Lyra Delos 0.6m output voltage / 1.75 tracking force

Allnic 1202 Phono Pre (variable DB boost  +22, +24 , +28, +32) 

Manley Snappers / Jumbo Shrimp Pre 

Harbeth 40.3XD 

So I A/B'd w the old turntable VPI Prime Scout / Unipivot / Hana ML 0.4 Output and all was fine 🤔 I then swapped arms moving the Hana to the Prime Sig , no feedback ....🤔

I've tried adjusting the Allnic (all 4 levels mentioned above) and get feedback with the Lyra on every setting...

The hifi business I purchased from said they had tested thoroughly and had 0 problem with it ...so I'm perplexed , this doesn't seem to be any vibration feedback , is the Lyra just not jiving with my Phonostage for some reason? 

Any help appreciated ...



VPI makes a 2nd pivot for their arms.....relatively cheap and is a very good upgrade....that will stabilize the arm.  Also, I would change the rear weight ...something heavier, then lighter to get the arm to respond differently to the cartridge. (Use clay or something and dial in the arm properly). I have a Superscoutmaster with rim drive classic platter speed controller et al.  The table was very slow and the speed controller made little difference....VPI wanted me to send back  almost 70 lbs or so table back to VPI after saying my speed controller was running perfectly.  I felt that friction was the culprit, and after cleaning the bearing et al with alchahol, it was still very slow. I'm a gun shooter and decided to use Hoppes #9 bore cleaning to clean it up.  It did a fabulous job, the table is silent and running true.  Try different things on your table and you'll hit the answer.

I haven't heard YOUR table / arm combo with a Delos.  But I have not had good experience with Lyra cartridges with the VPI 12" unipivot arm (VPI Aries Extended).  Have not heard ANY Lyra cartridge work well with a VPI unipivot arm on any table.  I switched to a Jelco TK-850L and both the Lyra carts I currently have just love it.  

I have heard VPI unipivot arms work VERY WELL with AudioTechnica MC carts.  


Thanks for the info ....again strange because not only does VPI use the Lyra mention in their manual for the Prime Signature model, I hear consistently it’s a go to for VPI tables...

Might be the 3D printed arms don’t do as well with Lyra on wood floors etc... ..🤷🏻‍♂️


My direct experience was with a Lyra Clavis Da Capo and a Skala.  Both were defocused and thin sounding on the VPI JMW 12 on an Aries Extended (original).  On a "custom built" table using original VPI TNT components and a Jelco TK-850L, both opened up, had great tonal body and remarkable imaging and soundstage. 

Maybe the VPI / Lyra recommendation is associated with the gimbaled arms.




Later that night at higher volumes I'm getting a midrange-low feedback

@tommypenngotti Since this is volume related it leads me to think the turntable isn't well isolated from room/air -borne vibration. If it were me I'd be looking at things to improve its isolation- better feet, an anti-vibration platform, that sort of thing.