VPI Prime Sig/Lyra Delos / Feedback ...help!

Hello all, strange one here...just picked up a VPI Prime Signature Rosewood and a Lyra Delos with about 20-40 hours on it...sounded great at low volume with my sacred Steely Dan - Aja Cisco pressing . Later that night at higher volumes I'm getting a midrange-low feedback . 

Here's my rig : 

VPI Prime Sig with Unipvot / Lyra Delos 0.6m output voltage / 1.75 tracking force

Allnic 1202 Phono Pre (variable DB boost  +22, +24 , +28, +32) 

Manley Snappers / Jumbo Shrimp Pre 

Harbeth 40.3XD 

So I A/B'd w the old turntable VPI Prime Scout / Unipivot / Hana ML 0.4 Output and all was fine 🤔 I then swapped arms moving the Hana to the Prime Sig , no feedback ....🤔

I've tried adjusting the Allnic (all 4 levels mentioned above) and get feedback with the Lyra on every setting...

The hifi business I purchased from said they had tested thoroughly and had 0 problem with it ...so I'm perplexed , this doesn't seem to be any vibration feedback , is the Lyra just not jiving with my Phonostage for some reason? 

Any help appreciated ...




My direct experience was with a Lyra Clavis Da Capo and a Skala.  Both were defocused and thin sounding on the VPI JMW 12 on an Aries Extended (original).  On a "custom built" table using original VPI TNT components and a Jelco TK-850L, both opened up, had great tonal body and remarkable imaging and soundstage. 

Maybe the VPI / Lyra recommendation is associated with the gimbaled arms.




Later that night at higher volumes I'm getting a midrange-low feedback

@tommypenngotti Since this is volume related it leads me to think the turntable isn't well isolated from room/air -borne vibration. If it were me I'd be looking at things to improve its isolation- better feet, an anti-vibration platform, that sort of thing.

I know you don’t want to hear this but 

a current driven  phono stage like the little Loco by Sutherland will in essence set itself.  I’m running a Lyra Delos through 

the little loco and it’s pure magic. Sooo

if your phono stage is the culprit I would look at a trans

Current driven phono stage

good luck Willy-T


thanks man , my current philosophy isn't condemning my phonostage. I think it's positioning / tonearm related...