VPI rim drive new feet

..just got them from VPI. These guys replace the feet on the motor assembly. The results are great... It now sounds even better than my makeshift soft footers. The smallest things make a real difference
Looks like we have the same feet but slightly different motor housing units. That explains the differnces I encountered. Luckily they still work fine for me. Happy listening.
When I talked to Mike at VPI a few weeks ago concerning the rim drive he offered to send me the softer feet which he did. He also mentioned that they were working on a proprietory drive belt for the rim drive made of softer material which should provide smoother more forgiving drive. One of the reasons the rim drive needs to "settle in" is the belt smooths out with use. Presumably, the softer material should be less dependent on this. He said this may take a couple months to develop. This is my understanding of what he said at the time. If you want more information, give Mike a call at VPI(or e-mail). I'm sure he'd be happy to give you an update.
I can confirm what Sonofjim is saying. I have had the new Rim Drive for only 6 weeks - (ordered that way , not an upgrade) & even though it has soft black rubber feet, Mike at VPI said he is sending me another set - sounds like they're constantly modifying. He also confirmed a new rubber belt for the Rim drive will be available at the end of the Summer