VPI's new "Vanquish" Ultra High-End turntable is a STUNNER!

Another brilliant design from VPI.

Once again VPI has taken a possibly good motor and hopefully decent bearing, stuck something flat and black and round on it, and tarted it up with their iconic black acrylic and stainless steel layering they continue to call state of the art engineering, even after having made the same damn thing for going on like 30 years now.

If they can sell it then VPI truly is a marketing juggernaut. Like Rolex, maker of the world's finest $800 dive watch, which they somehow manage to sell for $8k, VPI is now the maker of the world's finest $10k turntable, which the question now is how many can they sell for $120k?

Well let's see... take the number with more money than you know what, multiply by the number of them who couldn't mount a cartridge to save their life, times the number eager to pay a couple grand to someone who can perform this simple task..... carry the one,.... wow, its a pretty big number!

Honestly hard to say which is worse- VPI shamelessly shilling the same old black and stainless schtick, or audiophiles lazily lapping it up. 
I hope it will find its happy owners. The equipment like that has no acoustic value in a sense of output audio quality for money, however if treated as industry art objects can be seen as attractive. Looks good, I can imagine sounds great, but costs absurdly. From the other hand life is short... EDITED: just wonder when they start to make the things from gold... yeah... it is good to know there is a place for price factor improvement :) 

Putting the tone arm at the end of a "diving board" that can flex is never a good idea. The primary dogleg arm board appears to add a lot more mass at the suspended portion, which can only make matters worse.