VPI Scout 2 vs. Luxman PD 441

I'm on the fence about just selling my Luxman PD 441 table as I need to upgrade the tonearm from a Denon DA-307 and that seems to be a $1,000+ proposition.
I would replace it with something from VPI and keep my Grado The Reference high output cartridge.  Maybe a Scout 2 with JMW 9 arm?
My question is whether it is worth it for me to upgrade to a better arm for the Luxman or just ditch the whole thing and get a VPI?
Can I even get any $ for the Luxman to soften the blow?
Thanks for any advice.


Dear @asa  : The 444 is a 441 with two arm boards.

In the other side that FR 201 is  agood cartridge but very low out output: 0.16mv


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


Thanks, R, Yeah, I saw the 444 was the two-arm version after I poked around some more. Duh....

But - and here's my audio shallowness showing through again - that 444 sure is cool looking....

R, you know a lot, what do you think of the 441/444 performance? Or is it just nostalgia for something that is long gone, or long surpassed?

Thanks, M.

Definitely Nostalgia. A caveat to my post is that I bid on the same auction!

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