VPI Scout or Michell Technodec?

So, let's say you have about $1,800 to spend. Would you go for the the VPI Scout with the the Dynavector Cartridge or a J. Michell Technodec with Rega RB-300 arm and a Grado Platnium cartridge?
Hi par3n1,

I only know what I read on his website. The armboard kit looks like something that is affordable, reverseable and effective so I would like to give it a shot after I complete a couple of other projects first. The main chassis suspension mods look entirely more expensive and irreverseable, but also interesting. It sure makes me wonder just how important getting the spring suspension correct on the stock Gyro is. Have you ever played around with different settings on your springs?

I agree w/ Bmckenney and 4yanx's comments. Owned a Gyro SE (newer version w/ DC motor) for a year and was very impressed. Very dynamic and resolving and yes plenty of PRAT. I sold the Gyro to upgrade, but ended up having to downgrade instead, eventually to a Nottingham Horizon. I was frankly a little disappointed in the Nott, but to be fair I'm comparing a $1200 table to a $3500 Gyro SE/SME arm. I'm now thinking of trying the Technodec myself since I still can't afford to get back into a Gyro, but I wonder if the Techno, w/out spring suspension, will sound anything like the Gyro. Thanks.
Hello, I have played with the springs however when I reached a point of satisfaction I left well enough alone.
Gert Pedersen suggests that the plinth mod makes a great deal of difference so much so that he suggest that I stay with the qc and ac motor and not upgrade to the orbe platter. I am using the ol 250 with a tranfiguration spirit and tube equipment with vandersteen 2ce sigs. I am happy with the gyro however it has been 2 years without change and I would like to uprade the source and that doesn't have to mean changing tt's. Any suggestions??
Tlh28, I collect turntables and have a variety ranging from high-mass unsuspended to classic 3-point suspensions. Sprung suspension turntables do major on PRAT, which is why I love them. Why restrict yourself to new like the Technodek? Make a major money savings and get yourself a true king of suspended 'tables, an Ariston RD11 (in "S" version as well), once considered the best in the world (usually $200-$300), or a used Linn LP12 for more money. If it's PRAT you want (plus a healthy dose of detail, both being true "high-end" in this sense), then these'll fill your bill without breaking the bank. In fact, owners of the bigger Gyrodecks have been known to defect to these 'tables.

As to why high-mass decks sound "slow", this is belt reaction (stretch and contract), the heavier the platter, the slower the reaction, eventually being heard in the bass frequencies, where rhythm lives, and is consequently destroyed.

To tell you the truth, I don't know. Neither one of them would be bad choices. I would guess that my personal choice would be depend on the rest of my system. And if I were to let my system be the deciding factor right now, I think it would be the Michell Technodec.

And I am just saying that on a haunch.