VPI Scout Placement

I have been tinkering with my newly acquired VPI Scout and could use some advice... I have wood, carpeted floors and the slightest thump or walking across the room will send the stylus skipping. Unfortunately wall mounting is not an option due to space restrictions and room configuration. I have a Sanus rack for my other gear and I am sure that needs to be upgraded but I like the idea of having the TT near my listening position. Presently the TT is on a heavy wood coffee table. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated by this newby.
My entire rack (400 lbs/8 feet) sits on eight sorbothane hemispheres I got from McMaster Carr or W.M. Berg. They cost about $6 apiece IIRC.

I put them on furniture coasters so as not to stain the carpet (Sorbothane can release oils).

In two years our TT has never skipped no matter who was walkin' or jumpin' around, despite our lively wood floor. Keeping the sorbothane away from direct contact with the TT helps minimize its otherwise terrible effects on dynamics.
I have been playing with some suggestions offered by Greg Weaver in an article titled Synergizing on Sound stage com. I tried the sand in zip lock bags and the shelves with the bike tube and the sound seems clearer and instruments are easily defined IMHO but I still have to tread lightly. I will try the sorbathane and anything else that comes around. After all it is a hobby... Most of the fun is in the tinkering.

This is THE link for you. A Promethean Base situated as close as practical to the floor will be your best answer. Look at my system pics for one way it's done.

Black Diamond Racing is making an isolation setup for Scouts and Aries. Consists of 4 carbon fiber pucks and a platform for the motor. This will prevent motor vibrations more that any thing else. You can order them from Music Direct. I have suspeneded floors and have been struggling for years with vibrations. Finally I put floor jacks under eveything, put my HW19 on a Bright Star Big Rock 19, drilled holes in the pillars of my TT stand and filled them with #9 lead shot. Now you can drop a bowling ball next to my speakers and the stylus won't jump. Now if you go to where the floor isn't supported....
Best of luck,
I have mine on and acrylic shelf of a Quadraspire Q4 with a Symposium Svelte shelf directly underneath. On a wood floor with carpet it sounds great, and no vibration from footsteps makes it through.