VPI Scout - slow speed , help ?


I've recently purchased a KAB speed strobe which has indicated that my Scout is running very slow (notches moving counter clockwise); over 100 notches in 60 seconds.

I have the newer black belt with unknown time on it; I've cleaned the belt, motor grooves and platter grooves. I get power from a dedicated 15amp plug, through an Audience AR-6 conditioner and stock power cord to the motor. I've tried using different notches on the upgraded 300 rpm motor pulley, with little effect.

I suppose the cheapest experiment is to buy a new belt, and lube the spindle bearing (for which I'll have to purchase oil) and see if that changes things. Short of buying the VPI SDS, are there any other actions which may help here for little money? Perhaps a used Variac would essentially do what the SDS does?

Your constructive feedback is appreciated.


I thought I would update this post for future reference. Initially, the pulley was loose on the motor drive-shaft which caused the pulley to slip, resulting in slow platter speed. After tightening the pulley's set-screws, the platter ran fast.

At this point I contacted VPI who suggested I send in the existing 300 RPM pulley, as it was probably for a 12" platter, not the 11 1/2" acrylic, Scout platter.

So, I've just installed the new pulley, sent from VPI, and everything is perfect; solid speed, good sound.

Thanks for your efforts.
I don't mean to resurrect a dead thread but I am having the exact same problem. I bought a scout new almost a year ago and have noticed the sound seemed lower and slower than the CD when I did an A/B test. I just now got around to timing it and am consistently getting about a -3.2% error in speed, meaning it takes roughly 3min 5.7 seconds for the platter to go around 100 times. I haven't gotten a hold of VPI yet since they aren't open Monday, but wonder if I might be having the same pulley issue. The motor I have is the stock scout motor,and wasn't bought separately from the scout.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Did you try moving the belt up the pully to a smaller diameter position? (think ten speed bike)

Lower sound (volume?)is because of the phono stage output and cartidge output, and is typical and not a problem.
Its a lower pitched sound, not lower volume. I have tried the pulley positions with no effect. Mike from VPI told me to check if the pulley is loose, which it was not. He said the next step would be sending me a replacement pulley. I'm not sure how the pulley could be messed up since it is such a new table, but it is possible.
Is it possible that the belt has stretched? Take the belt off, boil it in water, then reinstall and try again. VPI tip is to put the belt into a samall bag with a little bit of talc powder, give it a shake, then reinstall the belt; this powdered belt helps to negate any slippage between the belt and platter.

You say the pulley is tight; a loose pulley was my first thought? Take off the platter and confirm the thrust bearing is adequately greased ( I'm reaching here).