VPI Scout upgades?

I have a VPI Scout with an Ortofon 2M Black cart. Table is stock, 9T arm... I would like to keep it and max out its potential with upgrades...Good approach? Where do I start?
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Mass won't help on a suspended hardwood floor, you need some form of decoupling at very low frequencies.  Simplest thing to try would be putting some racketball balls under your massive oak base.  You can use something like these to sit the balls in so the turntable doesn't roll off the shelf:


It's cheap and effective in a lot of cases.
Biggest bang for the buck when I had my VPI Scout:  (1) MC cartridge, (2) tube phono stage/step up transformer, (3) thicker Classic/Prime platter, (4) VPI periphery ring and HRX weight, (5) Phoenix Engineering Eagle/Road Runner (Now SOTA Condor), and (6) VPI HW40 feet.

The scout is a tough table to beat for the money without question.

Couldn’t agree more. As long as the basics were right from VPI (many versions out there!). 
I can’t help but indulge . . .
The best ones featured those big 4-hole flange Hurst motors and platters that were properly machined with a recess for the thick record label allowing for optimal record contact.

Another necessity would include the silver metal arms including the ones with black heat-shrink damped tubes (Thanks Steve)

Absolutely no rubber-tipped cone footers need apply as the metal ball tipped cones sounded better.

These preferred Scouts were easily hot-rodded with improved lubrication on their inverted platter spindle bearing and with a 3-set screw motor pulley & VPIs adjustable “lash” bushing on the output shaft, the preferred Hurst 600 rpm motors were easy to access for cleaning & more importantly to apply better lubricate. An improved motor snubber capacitor is also desirable as long as no external motor controller is used to rob PRaT killing precious torque.