VPI Uni-Pivit Tone Arms

I have owned a few VPI TT with the uni-pivit arm. My current TT is the VPI classic 3 signature. The uni-pivit arm is wearing me out. The arm is always tilted to one side no matter how I adjust it. I also notice that the sharp point in the arm housing has rounded quite a bit. I remember some time ago when I touched it I would get a sharp prick like a pin sticking me. Now i can run my finger across it without worrying. Is this normal?
Has anyone else notice the tilted arm? Mine is tilted to the left and sometimes the ears (the part that sticks out from the arm housing) touches the base of the housing.

But with all this discomfort, the TT still sounds awesome. But I hate those things about the TT that I pointed out. I owned the vpi classic, scout, and scout 2, and they all have those faults I mentioned that bothers me.

What's your experience with the uni-pivit arms?

To solve the ear ( side/ azimuth weights) from touching the base you can also raise the bearing ( spike ) - it is adjustable. Then Set up your table again as if you just got it.

Well it’s adjustable on the prime so good chance yours is adjustable too. 

I feel for you.  I had the same problem with my VPI Scout and Prime.  I had the Prime for 18 months and probably played 7 or 8 records on it.  Every time I wanted to use the table, I had to play with the arm as it always seemed off.  Finally, I had had enough. I traded in the 18 month old Prime and took a $2000.00 bath on it and purchased the Technics SL1200G.  I could not be happier!  I play vinyl a couple of times a week now and the Technics is truly set and forget.  It's a pleasure to open the dustcover and get ready to play a record without having to move side weights to make the arm level.  When I bought the Prime I was thrilled to have the 3D arm, for about 5 minutes.
While I do sympathize with those who have had problems with the VPI unipivots, I have 4 of those arms (3 metal, one 3D with dual pivot) each mounted with a different cartridge, and once correctly set up, thy have been very easy to use and trouble free. Can be swapped very quickly, too. Setup requires patience and precision, but is worth it for me. I also have ‘tables with gimbaled arms, and enjoy those too. (One is a VPI, and I love it). Perhaps you would benefit from consulting with someone who is very proficient with the setup of these arms. Regardless, you need to replace the unipivot spike. Good luck and happy listening.
Almandog, when you emailed VPI, did you email the company or did you email VPI Forums. I bet if you utilized their Forums like you are doing here, someone would be able to solve your problem for you. I’ve had a Classic 2 Special Edition with the Unipivot arm like yours.for a few months now. They have been helpful on the Forums, answering any questions I sent in. Even the company owner responded. I’m guessing the possible problems mmai suggested might be the cause of your issue or something else simple that should be readily corrected at little or no cost.

This was my first tonearm setup and it took a minute to get everything correct and balanced, and the process was a bit scary. I know if I could get it right you can too. I had a B&O tangential tracking turntable for many years, thus avoiding having to learn this procedure. The were a couple good YouTube videos to consult too to help you pick up any possible mistake in setting yours up. Good luck.
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