VR4 users what are you useing to get the best res

I have the new vr4se III, I wanted them for audio only as I have a seperate H.T set up. But because Im haveing a difficult time trying to get them matched up with the right amps ect... Im thinking of moveing them into the home theatre room. I want them for audio, they must be bi-amped. Bi-wire does not do it at least with what Ive tried so far. Is there any expeirenced suggestions? Do they need digital amps ? High current amps? I want to use my vynle collection. I want image float, liquid, yet detailed and dynamic. What are you fellow audio fanatics useing with yours? Help if you can please.
I'm using 2 stereo Cary V12R's and a Mcintosh C2200 pre with great success.Fantastic for Jazz!
Sounds interesting. Are you getting a liquid envelopeing sound. I didnt really consider useing two tube amps, one for top and one for bottom. But it sounds like its working for you. Great, love to here more.
Russe41, are you bi-amping those Cary,s top and bottom or vertically? I talked a little about that under more on the VR4 post because it seems like I also have had the most success bi-amping. But only when I did it vertically with the amps that I was useing, and I was thinking about trying that with two tube amps. But you say it is great for Jazz, have you tried throughing on some heavy stuff to see what happens? I also love Jazz, Larry Carlton ect. but I want to here Metallica sound live also.