VSA 4- jrs

What happened to the website So can I still upgrade My Vr-4jrs to MKii . also does anybody know if I could get the original boxes for them. Pepp111 ( if anyone has tried something worthy to raise them for decoupling them from floor ) bass is strong way lower than my ears when seated.)
Hey Pepp111,

Perhaps the JRs have been discontinued, not sure...website is obviously a new design from the last time I looked...

I have tried a 2" thick granite slab under my jr's that I had a local monument manufacturer fabricate for me. Gave good positive results decoupling them from my wooden floor (crawl space present under wooden floor).
I have used outriggers on many of my speakers including the VS4jr. They work great! Stability + decoupling + looks great. Can't ask for anything better. Heres a link - I am not associated with these folks...just wanna point out what I am using.

When I had 4-jrs I used the supplied spikes on marble tiles I purchased from Home Depot. I looked at granite but had a hard time pulling the trigger due to the price. I now have Seniors and use outriggers similar to Arkio. Won't be changing any time soon.