VTI audio rack, any good?

I would like to change my audio rack and I need a 6 shelf unit with a high WAF. Price is a major concern and I really can't go more than 500.00. Since I own 2 toploading cd players, I need sufficient space between shelfs. I would need 3 shelfs to have 9 inches between them, the other two could be from 5-7 inches.

Presently I am using a Sanus audio rack but some of my equipment is stacked on top of one another so I want to alleviate that. I have been looking at various racks and found a VTI rack that uses glass shelfs supported by 4 metal tubular columns. Each shelf is claimed to hold up to 200 pounds. It comes with floor spikes. The dimensions are 50" high, 23" wide and 21" deep. My question is, is this a decent rack or should I just keep what I have? Does anyone have any suggestions in my price range? Thanks for your help.

Jazzman, if you read through the comments in this forum you'll see a pretty clear picture of what people think.
I have this rack and I would rate it good. The paint scratches on a 500K Lambo too...Be careful. If you own McIntosh gear or other similar tank sized equipment, this will probably hold them all in terms of weight and dimensions. I don't see how filling the legs with sand will make any difference after placing 110 pound amp on it... but I admit I haven't tried that. 
VTi A/V Racks: The BL-Series 300/400 series are great sounding/ isolation racks. In fact, any design that uses a similar stacked/de-coupled design is highly desirable. VTi appears reasonably priced.Such equipment racks of similar/identical design include the 3-post Lovan (discontinued) I've been using for +15 years. A great 'sounding' stand.What's really exciting/upgadeable about VTi 300/400 series is its rectangular shelving; enabling user/audiophile to use/cut additional shelve material (in place of stock mdf) to improve performance further; acrylic/plexiglass, plywood, exotic wood, stone, composites -or whatever may be thought of or recommended.
You need not consider a more elaborate or expensive rack system -it simply isn't necessary beyond what these modular/stacked/ Isolated designs provide.
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