VTL compact 80 amps and 5881 tube vs EL34 tube

I am considering purchasing the VTL compact 80 mono block 80 watt amps for a second system. I am using an Audio Research SP8 pre-amp, Dahlquist DQ10 speakers, McCormack CD player, and a Linn turntable. How will this amp sound in this system? It uses the 5881 tube which I have never heard. Does the EL34 tube sound better then the 5881? If so I will consider another amp. Thank you very much...Evan
Ezaudio - You may already know about all of this, but there are various folks out there who modify the DQ 10's, and my understanding is that work on their cross-overs has quite significant effects. I bought a pair not long ago that I'm having modified/upgraded, and one of the things my guy said was, unplug the piezo tweeters. I don't know the details, but will learn more when I get them. (Like you, I'm playing around with a 2nd system, and decided to more-or-less rebuild my 80's system, which was all CJ and DQ 10's. But I'm upgrading everything. Crazy hobby.)

Good listening.
I would stay away from those amps, VTL's support is horrible for older products. Trust me I learned the hard way.
I agree with you about VTL's support, they don't want to help with older products. The quality of some of the older stuff was not great and it was unreliable but it usually sounded good. I have a great shop that knows the VTL products well and he is going to modify and fix anything that is bad. The solder joints were a big problem in these amps along with some poor quality caps and other parts. Once the amps are redone and modified with the correct parts it should sound good and be reliable. Thank you for your feedback.