VTL preamps tonality (and vs. PrimaLuna)?

I'd like to get a sense of the VTL preamps, at least the 2.5i and 5.5 II. I was about to make an offer on a used PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp with tubes rolled when a previous owner of that preamp suggested taking a look at VTL's offerings, either the 2.5i or 5.5 II, the latter being what he had moved to (the 5.5 is above my price range, at least new -8 bills). What I'm wondering is about with the VTL's are two things. First, I listen for, modestly warm tonality. Not lush or old style, but not what is commonly called "neutral" these days, which for me comes off cool and emotionally uninvolving. I grew up playing classical piano, so seem to have that sense of modest warmth burned into my soul, or at least hearing. Audiophile "sound effects" are wonderful but for me tonality comes first. Second, if anyone has a general appraisal of the 2.5 or 5.5 vs. the Dialogue, I'm open to hearing about it.

My system centers around a modified Oppo 203 (digital only), running to a Lampi Atlantic TRP dac (passive attenuator and tube recitification), and then directly onto ATC SCM 19A active floorstanders (and JL Audio e-110 subs soon to be hooked up). I'm told by everyone that a good tube preamp in there will help the sound enormously. It's just picking the right one in a certain price range, and users of the ones I was intially steered to (e.g., LTA, Wells) tell me that they are more on the neutral side vs. warm. Cables, fuses and tube rolling can help, but I'd like to start with a good foundation. Thanks,
@tomic Every opinion I’ve gotten, from Lampi NA to users here and in Europe, is that SQ would be much better with a good tube preamp. I’m in Montana. There are very few real audio shops in or even near this large state and none carrying preamps in the range and type of what I’m looking for.

@oddiofyl You’ve been very obsessive in posting the same thing about VTL's customer service toward used buyers, but I do have to recognize that there is a 16-year thread about it here on Agon, and a shorter one on Steve Hoffman’s forums. Definitely makes one pause.
i don't recall ever being on Hoffman forums but be my guest , buy a used VTL.....   good luck
I purchased a used VAC Phi Beta preamp, and found their customer service to be first class, on the only time I reached out directly for assistance, it sounded great, and worked great, so I beg to differ with other posters. If used unit well maintained, I believe it would meet your needs and expectations.
I am the very happy owner of a VTL 7.5iii preamp. I don't think it has it's own sound: what comes out is what goes in. I do not find it adds or detracts warmth from the original. If you have good sources, this pre will disappear for you. Neal