W4S DAC1 / Stello DA100 / Cary Exciter DAC.

I haven't seen much talk about the Stello. It has every output I could use. I read the 6Moons review on it. Didn't exactly praise it so-to-speak. But for a grand I would expect decent results. I listened to the Cary. Loved it. But I only have it and the Music Hall 25.2 DAC to compare with. I've not heard the W4S DAC1 or 2. That seems to be getting more praise than I'm sure it deserves. Usually I take the band-wagon view when everyone seems to want one thing in particular. But this isn't always a good perspective because it may very well be that good. After all my research these three are what I've narrowed it down to. Well, two if the Stello shouldn't be considered at all. Looks like something geared directly to computer music.

I'm looking for a solid, textured bass response. Excellent clarity and resolution. And of course soundstage. Warmth is not a factor. I will eventually be going all tube so it'll warm up later in the chain. Expression and dynamics are very important. I listen to a lot of classical guitar, contemporary classical, and blues. Thanks for any inputs.
Source is Squeezebox Duet with CI Audio power supply. Cables: Zu Cable Ash Digital and Zu Cable Wylde interconnects. I have about 1100 ripped CD's.
DAC-1 should make a nice overall improvement.
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From what I hear the new SB Touch sounds much better than the Duet, such that the Duet maybe going bye bye. May want to add that to the seemingly never ending upgrade path: -)
SB Touch has better analog output than Duet. Don't know if the digital outputs are that much different between the two. But, I was thinking about getting the Touch and putting the Duet/DacMagic into the bedroom system.
Actually from what I've heard/read the Touch does have much better digital out, uses a different SPDIF output with lower jitter. Fwiw talk on the SB forums is that the Touch sounds pretty darn close to the Transporter.. In any case Duet/DacM would be a great bedroom setup. Sort of what I did when I got my W4S I moved my DacM to my outdoor/porch system.. You gonna love the W4S, give it a good hundred hours ( W4S sez 200 for total break in) but you'll notice right away that the W4S sounds much bigger; wider, deeper, taller, also very colorful not colored but real sounding, dynamic, powerful.. you'll like it :-)
Tiggerfc, I doubt you'd go wrong with any of the three units in your revised list. I was tempted by the W4S Dac2 myself given that I already own their amp (and love it). However, I too am put off by the bandwagon effect and the flavor of the month mentality - there is more to a great dac than the chipset. That said, both BC and W4S are engineering-driven companies that know what they are doing. (No offense to Cary intended - I'm just not a big tube guy - and yeah I know the Exciter is not tube based). My choice of the BC 2.5 was driven by the fact that it also includes an analog input and an headphone amp - it's just a more versatile piece. And.....it sounds sublime hooked up directly to the old W4S ST500. Almost forgot: another major factor was that the dealer offered a home audition of the piece so I could test it it in the context of my system. I think Wyred are hurting themselves by not offering a costless trial period.