Wadia 151 + Dynaudio X12... what speaker cable?

Hi All,

A quick question: I am putting together a compact system for a small apartment. After a lot of research, I decided on the Wadia 151 PowerDAC as the amp/DAC, and the Dynaudio Excite X12's for speakers. All the reviews say that the soundstaging and 3-dimensionality is superb, and since those are my favorite qualities in audio playback, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

That being said, I am now researching what speaker cables to use. Anyone with experience on one or both of these components? What cables sound good with the Dynaudios? The obvious choice is Dynaudio's own OCOS cables. I haven't read any reviews of them with the X12's, though. I'm looking to minimize cost, but preserve the soundstage. Thanks in advance!
Disclaimer. We are a Dynaudio, Wadia, Ocos Dealer

If the Ocos One is within budget, this is the best choice.

How long are you considering?
I am considering only a 3m pair; there's no reason to space the speakers out more than 12 feet apart, and there likely won't be room enough to do that anyway.

Disclaimer aside, why is the Ocos the "best choice", versus another comparably priced Cu speaker wire option?