Wadia 170i Ipod Dock Vs Onkyo ND S1 Ipod Dock

I had both the Wadia 170i Ipod dock and the Onky ND-S1 Ipod Docks which both take pure quality digital sound directly off the Ipod/Itouch and bypass poorer sounding analog output.

I found that I didn't like the lack of an on light with the Wadia and the way it seemed to stop working with even a slight transient variation in current such as caused by changing the output downstream on my preamp, etc.

I found that the Onkyo sounds every bit as good and has an on light and a superior remote, and all of this for about half the price.

The Onkyo is hard to find but can be imported from Japan as it is not yet marketed in the US yet. The power supply that comes with it works perfectly with out USA 110-120 60Hz current.
have been using lossless Mark.

no doubt it's a Apple licensing agreement that's holding the NDS1 out of certain markets. more coin for Apple with two companies paying for exclusive rights. doubt they're long term deals so like everything else in digital audio, expect to see some changes soon.
I just purchased the Peachtree Nova and the Onkyo ND-S1 iPod dock, I can't wait to get them, I found a black ND-S1 on eBay!
I'll post my feedback ASAP!
Just got the pure I20 dock and right out of the box it sounds great. Johnny Cash singing "solitary man" clean clear very cool. It makes my ipod more then a commuter toy.$100 win win.