Wadia 170i Ipod Dock Vs Onkyo ND S1 Ipod Dock

I had both the Wadia 170i Ipod dock and the Onky ND-S1 Ipod Docks which both take pure quality digital sound directly off the Ipod/Itouch and bypass poorer sounding analog output.

I found that I didn't like the lack of an on light with the Wadia and the way it seemed to stop working with even a slight transient variation in current such as caused by changing the output downstream on my preamp, etc.

I found that the Onkyo sounds every bit as good and has an on light and a superior remote, and all of this for about half the price.

The Onkyo is hard to find but can be imported from Japan as it is not yet marketed in the US yet. The power supply that comes with it works perfectly with out USA 110-120 60Hz current.
Pure I-20 is a winner at $100 (pure.com). It is simple, outputs raw digital to your DAC and has video outputs etc. Even the onboard chip DAC is an improvement over the Ipod. It charges the Ipod and has a small remote to control the ipod while it's in the dock.
Well I finally have everything and all I can say is WOW!
Peachtree Nova with Onkyo ND-S1, MIT cables going to Mirage OMD 5 Speakers!
I ordered another ND-S1 for my Elite SC-05.
Just to follow up if anyone is interested -I replaced my old iPhone with a 3rd generation iPod touch and the random reset problem seems to gave gone.
Another followup -

I recently found out that the ND-S1 encodes its output with SCMS copy protection. So no DAT or minidisc recording, and some CD burners are out too.

Anyone know if the Pure or the Wadia also add SCMS?
Although it sounds a little better than the squeezebox Duet, I just sold my Onkyo ND S1 because I wanted access to my computer which offers more music than what was on my iPod.I had Steve Sank, of Talking Dog Transducer Company in Tucson (30 years experience) mod both my Onkyo and my Duet. The Duet modified, sounds a little less dynamic and detailed although a touch warmer than the Onkyo (which is also warm but has better seperation of instruments). I improved the sound even more with a laboratory grade lambda regulated linear power supply purchased cheaply on ebay.

The person who bought my Onkyo idock confirmed what I already knew, and said the Onkyo ND S1 kicked the teeth out of the Wadia sound wise. He was pleasantly surprised. I also had the Cambridge idock and it sounded rather lackluster in comparison to the Onkyo also - unless you like a very soft non distinct sound.

Again, you can purchase an Onkyo idock at half the price and twice the sound of the Wadia idock on ebay from Japan with a universal power supply that works fine in the USA for around $200.