Wadia 170i transport to Cambridge Audio DAC Magic


Putting togther a headpone rig with Wadia 170i trsnsport, 160Gb iPod classic, dig coax out to Cambridge DACMAGIC then to a headphone preamp. All equipment is brand new out of the box.

It is my understanding the Wadia does take the digitial bitstream and does the D-A oonversion. I am unable to determine if a signal is making it to that DAC as sample lights indicating a lock are not lit on the display Cambridge DAC. Is there a patch or driver necessary to correct this?

Thanks for your help in advance.

If you are using the digital coax output on the Wadia, then the signal coming out of it has to be digital. Check to make sure that whatever formats are on your iPod are fully compatible with your dac. Also, you may have to connect the Wadia to a TV or monitor to do the initial setup.