Wadia ?

MY Wadia 16 was being repaired by Wadia. I was told yesterday that it cannot be fixed. My dealer is offering to sell me a new 581 which can play SACD at a very 'reasonable' price. My dealing with Wadia for the past 3 months have not been positive.
I need your help. Is it worth investing in another Wadia product? Is Wadia financially stable? Has anyone heard or know of the sound quality of the new palyer?
Any response would be appreciated.
I have had no contact with any Wadia units to be upfront.From what I hear is the best thing about Wadia is Steve at GNSC.Which is just my lowly opinion.Drop in anytime folks....I'm curious also,Bob
My name is Keith Richardson and I am handling customer service issues with Wadia. If anyone has service issues or questions concerning Wadia I can be reached as 734-786-9611 x105 or by email at sales@wadia.com

Ledoux, I cannot tell by your screen name which specific case you are referring to or which dealer you work with. If you would like to contact me I can discuss or clarify any issues with your W16.
WadiaKeith thats nice of you,For a long time I want
to try Wadia, with your response,I might end up
buying one.