Wadia 860, Levinson & Aero Cap Direct into Amp

Has anyone compared any combination of these three players running direct into the power amp? Or even the Accuphase or Resolution Audio 21? If so what did you hear? I am looking for a natural and musical sound, that is not forward or bright. Details, dynamics and a wide soundstage are also characteristics that I am interested in, etc.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Well, we all have excellent ears and the best systems but a great cd player can only be as good as the cables that hook it up.A moded 860 should eliminate the these 2 players with out much trouble,however, a mode is not cheap to do with GNSC.A GNSC mode is able to provide a level of musicality that only the top players are capable of, to my ears and Steve at GNSC. The cable of choice is the VD Master for i/c and p/c,if you know the cable then you know what it can do.I also have the VD BX inwall wiring and can say that it is a major upgrade to all the pieces in ones system.I think that Wadias offer huge performance with the right cables and modds,but you need to deepen your investment to achieve truly reference system.If you are looking for a bargain then you get what you pay for.
I realize the Resolution Audio Opus 21 may be beneath most of you folks since it retails at $3500, but anybody know how it stacks up against the Capitole?

Curious as I own the Opus and am looking to upgrade (when I win the lottery), possibly to the AA w/ analog inputs.
Mejames, I was just stating a fact that I know-of, without insulting anyone's hearing ability. (so far)
His hearing and experience with various components are great, and his system is far more resolving than the one you appear to have with your Wadia, so perhaps that it is for that reason he could hear the better player. >:-)
Golden_ears more resolving than my system? And what was his system? More resolving find this hard to imagine how my system lacks resolution 48 inch ribbon midrange and 15 circular ribbon tweeters on each speaker.the frequency response of the speaker is 16Hz to 35 kHz (+/- 2 dB).
It's interesting to note that after I suggested that his system is more resolving than yours, your only reply to that is to quote speaker specifications.
I was talking about an entire system's ability to play music. If you still have a mass market mentality that dictates speakers are the most important thing in your system, then you have a lot of learning to do. Therefore it would be best not to make insulting comments toward people who think that their CD player sounds better than yours, by saying, "he needs a hearing exam" !