Wadia 861

How does the 861 compare to the competition, ARC CD3, Electrocompaniet EMC-1Up, Krell, Ayre, etc? TIA.
I too agree the Wadia when driven directly lacks body and color but when run thru a pre it is something else with all the res but with a mid-range to die for in my system(Hovland HP-100, Merlin VSM-MX, Cadence Canasya Monoblocks[quad 845's per ch])


If you're not operating the Wadia in the 80-100 volume setting range, as the instructions clearly state is necessary to optimize performance, you are not hearing what the player is capable of reproducing. It's not even close, and it's unfair to make any claims unless you're operating the player under these conditions. Also, the Great Northern Sound mods take this already fine player up several levels.

sbfx satyam

Could you share your views on the synergy between merlin vsm and cadence canasya monoblocks

Cosmo, check out the website VNAV, its in Vietnam where i live but they have alot of old Wadia,s for sale, 860,861,s, Wadia 6, and so on. 

Go to the market section and do some looking around because there their.