Wadia 861se vs. Linn Unidisc SC

I have the Linn Unidisc SC and really like it (I run it with a new MacIntosh MA2275 tube integrated and B&W 804s). However, I can't help but think that it is being wasted on me as I don't own (nor want) a TV. I am considering replacing it with the Wadia 861se. Does anybody have an opinion on what sound differences I can expect to hear? Is one player "brighter" than the other? Which has better bass? etc.
.....thanks, Marko in Vancouver.
what a nice system....anyone fortunate enough to hear or even own a linn multi disc player is exciting. if you don't like the multi disc format in using the unit with sacd or dvd audio formats which there are quite a few good listens out there, but in answering your question, the wadia is in my opinion an awesome player but a bit bright, but in saying that i know the mc. and bw units and the bw s can handing the brightness, some people say the brightness in the wadia is disipline the exacting the proper audio freq. into the system and i agree. the wadia and linn are both awesome units and to me are very different in what they do...i too came up with this situation because i don't watch tv so why have digital video if you listen to music...so i say, this is going to be odd, but buy a ikemi linn and have one awesome player that is true to linn output quality and put the rest on music...dwhitt
Why don't you buy some SACDs or DADs for your multi-format player? I have a Wadia 861es and wouldn't think of trading it for the world but I also really like the small handful of SACDs I have that I play on my Denon 2900 multi-format player. I would imagine that SACD on the UnidiskSC would be pretty spectacular.

But yes the Wadia 861es is an awesome RBCD player. I haven't heard anything that's made me want to switch and I originally got it back in 12/97 as an 860 and did all the upgrades.
Hey Attamyway,

How is the preamp on the SC? Or do you use the integrated mac for that? Can you compare the two?

Attamyway. I'm thinking of pairing the MA2275 with a pair of B&W 804s. Do you find it drives them ok? I was a little worried it wouldn't.