Wadia CD players direct to power amps opinions

Has anyone ever used a Wadia CD player without a pre amp? Connected directly to a power amp.

I am really more curious how it worked with a Tube amp?

Which model Wadia player did you use?
If so what is your opinion of it?
What amps did you use?
PC’s and interconnects?
How was the experience?
Detailed, noise, sound stage etc.

Thanks for your insight and I am looking for truly serious replies please.
You can see the system I'm using below. I just tried this comparison again earlier this week to see if maybe I was giving direct an unfair shake (I had compared the two setups in Q1 of this year using different components with the same CDP and concluded that a preamp was optimal at that time).

The Wadia direct sounds more transparent than through a preamp but the presentation falls apart as a whole; at base, the components of the music are all there, but it sounds more like a cacophony of sounds rather than a coherent presentation (i.e., music). On the other hand, through a high quality preamp, the presentation just gels and the PRAT is there in spades. It's a clear victory for the preamp in my system, despite the initial seduction of the direct mode's transparency.
I had a Wadia 861B going direct with a Art Audio PX-25, Verity Audio Fidelio speakers, Silver Audio interconects and speaker cable, Shunyata Python power cords. I liked the music in produced a lot---so much so I sold my BAT VK50-se preamp. The problem was I auditioned a Audio Aero Capitole mk2/se and it blew the Wadia away!!!! In my system, and to my ears it was no contest, The Capitole beat it on all levels, not by much, but it was clearly better. I could have lived with the Wadia for a long time, it had great detail and threw a very nice soundstage. It seemed to put all the players in the correct place as well. The AA was smoother, not as mechanical and really brought a lot more emotion to the table. Wadia has a much nicer remote!!!! Bottom line--if you only have a CDP give it a try, only your ears can make the decision, the Wadia and the AA are both fantastic machines----
>>Has anyone ever used a Wadia CD player without a pre amp? Connected directly to a power amp.

Yes I did and still do.

>>Which model Wadia player did you use?
I am using the 270 transport and the 27ix DAC.

>>If so what is your opinion of it?
It's simply high end. Period.

What amps did you use?
I am running the 27ix directly into the McIntosh MC2000 tube Millennium.
I also tried my Burmester 808 and Audio Research SP14. Both pres add something to the music which some listeners like - I don't: hence the direct connection .

Revel Ultima System

PC’s and interconnects?
PC: PS Audio, IC: Kimber Select 1130 and SC: 3035

How was the experience?
The experience is breathtaking - every time I sit down and listen.

Detailed, noise, sound stage etc.
These "descriptions" don't seem to hit the nail. The sound is simply very natural, musical, immaculate, thrilling, moving, exciting - just like music is and like it should sound over a high end system.
I am using a 581 directly into a Bel Canto Ref 1000. Never liked the pre amp in between. I always found the direct connection much better than any pre I have tried.

I used tubes and SS. I also had the 302 for a while.

Each pre amp added something to the sound which I felt was unnecessary.

Speaker are Hales Concept 5. Cardas Cables.

Also, I am using the balanced outputs on the Wadia.

Good luck.
All 4 of you have offered good information and sounds like all of you have very nice systems. It is good to hear the different opinions, I would think by cutting a component out of the path (pre amp) it should offer some significant improvements or maybe I should say not add anything to the sound.

Would like to know if which tube amp you tried or are using Ranperry.

I see that Aida_w is using a McIntosh Tube amp I am sure his system is rockin’!

Thanks for your comments and inputs (ha!)