Wadia direct into amp, Sound a bit too lean??

Hello everyone:
I need a little help here. I'm using my Wadia 861se direct into my Rowland 302 amp, but the sound is a bit too lean for my taste. I'd like to make the sound of my system to be fuller by changing the ICs. Any comment will be helpful. The rest of my system are: Avalon Eidolon, Acoustic zen silver reference II ICs, Hologram II speaker cables, MIT oracle AC2 for wadia.

Thanks lot for all the replies. I will look for a quality pre and Z-systems RDP-1 for sure. The wadia's output is set at 0.5 volt, and I'm using balance ICs, so it should be 1v.
Could you please recommend some pre-amps(tube or ss) that matchs well with the rest my system.

The Z-Systems is not going to do you any good since it would require the use of a separate transports since it only offers digital ins and outs. It is a great unit however and I can see how it would be marvelous between a Wadia transport and DAC, however will do you no good with only a CD player.

If you are looking for a fuller sound, you should try out the Cardas Golden Cross cables. They have a very meaty full sound that sounds pretty great with Wadia direct CD players.
hi Jerry
I think your system would benefit from a Rowland Synergy Preamp. A friend of mine has the Synergy and I think it's great.
Ejlif Nailed it Do as he says and Install Cardas Golden Cross Interconnects and Speaker wire.
Make sure you are also on the same AC Phase leg
with both units even if you have to plug the whole system
into an average power strip .
This can itself make your system seem Hot Brash etc.
Cheers Johnnyr