Wadia iPod Dock and iPod Settings

OK, this may sound silly, but it may be helpful to some.

I always noticed that when I docked my iPod to my Wadia 171i and played back through my D/A, it always sounded like there was way too much base, every recording. Then today I stumbled on to something, under the General Tab/Music, I had Base Boost turned on for my little Ear-Plug headphones, when I turned the EQ off gone was the irritating base.

This leads me to wonder how far back does the Wadia really go internally into the iPod as it is influenced by the EQ? This actually be a good thing to some as you have so many EQ options in the iPod, but I think it sounds best without EQ.
Jaytea, thanks for the response, now I have a much better understanding of how and where the Wadia picks up the data from the iPod. I am surprised this forum did not receive much attention as I suspect there are many out there who have integrated an iPod/iPad into their systems.
Thanks for this thread. I double checked my iPod touch and found I had Soundcheck on. I turned it off and I think it sounds better.
I just purchased the 171 , do you leave yours plugged in "on" all the time: seems like it was meant to be?